Heat and the Rally

November 14, 2012

Now, I know why during the FSL rally last November 5, I wasn’t really feeling well especially when we reached the Commission on Human Rights. My vision were doubling, I felt like “collapsing” at points. That’s precisely the reason why I did not go up anymore when Raph Torralba motioned me to go up with him. Days after that we [with my son – nahawa yata] were in a clinic because of flu, joints and other pain. We are up to now under medication. Everything seemed okey until yesterday when heat rashes? / measles [na yata] finally declared “I am out!!!” My eyes had been red for days since the rally; now even my body’s reddish… flu is back unfortunately…ay naku!!! nakakadisable. Mahirap maging bilasang isda. I am suppose to be attending my showing today of Silent Odyssey at DLS-CSB PEN Lab but because of health problem, I remain grounded. Sigh!


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