Seminar in Visual Research Methods at UPOU-Fotos

October 29, 2012

Typhoon Ofel (international name: Son-Tinh) was raging when I went to UP Open University [UPOU] in Los Baños last October 24. Only then, had I come to know that it is not situated inside UPLB campus. I met again Dr. Dinah Nadera, UPOU Multimedia Director and Dr. Erminia Colucci. They were facilitating the two-day Workshop in Visual Research Methods participated in by some faculty members of UPOU, staff, and guests.

Dr. Erminia Colucci from the University of Melbourne in the center inset

Despite the gloomy day and heavy rain downpour, I enjoyed sharing my films and and my film making experiences with the participants, afterall I consider myself a researcher. I repeatedly stressed on the importance of research and primary sources of information in my film work, especially so, because I am making documentaries and dealing with real people.

Screening of snippets from “A mi Patria” – Filipino Sign Language version

Research as part of the pre-production stage is one of the most important activity in film making; failure or lack of it would affect the work during the production and post-production stages. I showed snippets from my first feature-length documentary Tiga-Isla [The Islanders of Corregidor], Alyana–A Study of Autism in the Philippines and Silent Odyssey, the first digital feature-length documentaries on autism and Deaf Filipinos in the Philippines, A mi Patria, the first interpretation of Dr. Jose Rizal’s poems in Filipino Sign Language, and Ultimo Adios [Filipino version, read by Vim Nadera]. Snippets from A Blind Architect — The Vision of Non-Handicapping Environment, a commissioned short film was also screened.

Picture-picture after the sharing session-October 24

UPOU Report re the Seminar [Updated November 2012]


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