Tiktik – The Aswang Chronicles: Reaction

October 28, 2012

I enjoyed watching the horror, comedy film directed by Erik Matti. It really made me laugh. The mere presence of Joey Marquez typecast as a comedian immediately tells us on what to expect from him and from the film. He didn’t fail me; his usual antics were there. I just wished he offered something new in his acting. “Boy Bawang” ad [pasimple but effective] was also quite laughable. Mabenta sa manonood as I heard them heartily laughed at the scene just as I did. “Holes” in story flow was felt – especially the point where Dingdong and the rest of the family except Fely [Janice de Belen] ran for refuge at the “asinan.” Must have been production time constraints because that crucial point would have taken a lot of more time to do, or would stretch it, if, the story on how they managed to escape from Roi Vinzon’s aswangs was properly delineated. Roi’s acting was quite stiff. Para syang robot – understandably enough because he had just to imagine his orchestrations of the creatures. However, the idea of using aswangs and bawang [garlic] was very Filipino. Nakasakay ang marami. However, there’s something foreign in the way they were represented, the way they moved, jumped or leaped. Could it be that I’ve seen that elsewhere?? Dingdong was fine in his acting, but Lovi Poe’s personality is more suited I believe in a realistic and dramatic film. [That’s why I want to see Sa Sinapupunan!!].

Anyhow, knowing the technicalities involved as I was fortunate enough to attend the demo by Mr. Monteverde of Post Manila re the making of the film, I already have some idea of the visuals before I watched the finished film. The unnaturalness of the setting gave mythical feeling that should at once should be accepted even before watching or as you sit down to watch the film. Once done, forget realism – in all aspects. That’s why I enjoyed it. And I commend Dolphs, the visual effects editor for his great job. Overall, I appreciated the technical efforts exerted and the meticulous work that went with it. In fact, for that reason alone, watching the film was worth it. Something new is always refreshing. Congrats to you all! May you have more novel films to come!!

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