Joy in Photography

October 17, 2012

During these recent days, I have been blogging and posting about cats and dogs, birds, flowers, fruits as well as about children, and taking up the WordPress challenge[s] to make my time at least useful, enjoyable, seemingly forgetting in the process my advocacine activities and all. That is what happens when I have no proper video cam to use so I can run after my prospective interviewees for my CP docu. I have numerous in my list by now… nevertheless, whatever I do in between are part of recharging and readying myself for the film advocacy works that I have lined up to do.

That’s my tree house on the top left photo. Various Nature shots from Olang Arts Park in Siquijor Island in the Visayas, Philippines [Photo repro from Beauty in the Xtraordinary Ordinary]

Anyway I loved looking over at my old photo files, and being reminded of moments gone by with a smile. Sharing them with others complete the feeling of joy that I experienced when I took the photos of whatever fancied my senses.


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