Peace and Serenity

October 16, 2012

I caught Oliver sleeping one morning over a pile of old books which are being readied for dispatch to a school library and museum.At night, he usually stays out, looking for a mate I guess, and returns at dawn. He looked very tired here but at the same time, how I wished I could sleep like him: uncaring of the noisy surroundings, looking peaceful and enjoying a complete rest after his night wanderings. The light from the window that were reflected on his white fur heightened the serenity of the mood.
With reports on high rates of city residents suffering from depression these days, and seeing some of my best friends afflicted by it, life seems more colorful, light and really carefree if we were a bird or could simply live like Oliver. For, who wouldn’t have envious moments seeing him enjoy good sleep, peace and calmness that we need and seek in this rat-race world?

On second thought, what could Oliver be thinking when he watches us in our many moods???


  1. seeing Oliver, made me miss Blue, my blue-eyed white cat…he too stays out but always drops by whenever he hears me arrive late at night…checks in at dawn and sleeps the most of the day…and indulges us if we wanna play or share a meal with him (he loves bread with ladies’ choice sandwich spread, tuna among others 😉 …enjoyed reading this “,)

  2. Same with Oliver.. he likes tuna and nags me for whiskas on specific hours!!! The mating season must be over as he is always around now. Where is Blue by the way? I’m interested to see how your cat looks like…

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