Monsoon in Laguna

October 2, 2012

At close look this child statue seems to be a part of a water fountain…

But no! It’s monsoon waters flooding the area… And since the other statue* behind him is looking up, he appears to me as if praying: “Lord! Please! Please stop the rains!” Or, “Rain, rain go away!” [*I am not sure if that’s St. Anthony as it stood too far from my vantage point. See the wide shot below]

Because of the monsoon rains, business in this resort restaurant has been dead for weeks… the reason why Lynn Cappal, a Deaf performer in my film A mi Patria – [see the girl below] – looks sad… because she went there for a swim in hot spring waters.

Lynn must be trying to locate the swimming pool.

The place is in Laguna Province and we went there last month, a day after our showing. I wonder whether the swimming pool can be seen by now or if the floods have receded. Maybe not! Since two low pressure areas have been spotted today.

That time, we ended up somewhere else.

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