Cerebral Palsy – What I Want You to Know

September 11, 2012

I loved this video on cerebral palsy – it takes the viewpoint of a CP Kid, the tentative title for my next target project.


I have started watching available videos on youtube on this subject as I am refreshing my mind; this is suppose to be the group that I aimed to focus on after Silent O. In fact, I have started shooting and collecting materials a couple of years ago, perhaps more. But other works have delayed my sked. Anyway, I have always believed that everything and anything we wish and want to do will not happen if God hasn’t sked it Himself. So, in God’s time our dream will come true, even if it seems impossible. For as long as it is feasible, it should happen. We just have to pursue working on it with passion. If God wills it, and more so, if we have persistence coupled with determination, or, if we really wills something to happen despite hurdles, whatever we want to do should be achievable.


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