With A MI… to UPLB

August 24, 2012

Today, we are going to UP Los Baños in Laguna for the screening of A MI PATRIA. I am currently preparing some flyers for the showing. Here’s some of the brochure content:

A mi Patria is a short film presenting a compilation of 5 poems of the National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal.  It is a unique film presentation because the poems were interpreted in Filipino sign language, a first in film history. The film is also a good reference point on why there should be a Filipino sign language, Dr. Rizal being a firm believer of equal rights and a supporter of freedom of speech and expression. A mi Patria is a perfect vehicle for a sector of society, the Filipino deaf, which has been neglected and marginalized for some time. It is also a visually appealing and moving experience to hearing people. — Atty. Ramoncita Reyes [Rizal Descendant, Saturnina Rizal branch]

…this film is truly significant for the Filipino Deaf Community as it primarily aims to show the beauty of Deaf natural language which is none other than the Filipino Sign Language (FSL). We hope that this film can help in enlightening some people in the Philippine Government especially in the Department of Education that Filipino Sign Language (FSL) really exists and should be used and recognized as a medium of instruction in teaching Deaf Filipinos. The film provides an opportunity for Deaf people to deepen their understanding and appreciate the life and works of Dr. Jose Rizal…More and more Deaf individuals especially the Deaf students will discover, learn and understand the contributions of Dr. Jose Rizal and its impact today to all Filipinos especially the Deaf. It is my fervent hope that this signed-interpreted movie/film…will inspire more Deaf Filipinos, to be proud of our country and natural language, [and] to prove that Deaf Filipinos are capable in contributing equally to our national heritage.Leo Sulse [Deaf], DLS-CSB SDEAS Center for Academics Chairperson

“Congratulations… Your opus is love for country, passion aflame, collaborated by the hearing people and the Deaf in a profound fashion, magical, endearing…”Belen Tangco, PhD., Former Dean, UST College of Arts and Letters [Txt message]

I am going there with Myra Medrana, Lynn Cappal and Dennis Balan – all Deaf. Jojo is also coming with me. All of them worked with me in the production of the film. We are meeting Giselle Montero of SDEAS somewhere in Alabang.

It’s my second time to show in Umali Hall at UPLB. Last year sometime in October, I was there to screen ALYANA, my docu on autism.


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