Launching of Bayanihan-Angono Catalogue

August 23, 2012

Yesterday at 3.30 pm, I arrived at the NCCA Building to attend the launching of Bayanihan-Angono catalogue curated by Italian curator, Sara Luisa Siri. I thought I was late because I was forwarded the info that it would start at 3pm. Rem Vocalan texted me that it would most probably start at 4pm. because the catalogues were still with them as they braved the traffic difficulties in Intramuros on the way to the venue before 4 pm. There were two guests when I entered the lobby where the event was to be held. So I just went to the Cashier’s Office to finish off my transaction with them in connection with my project Mga Natatanging Tula ni Rizal sa Wikang Senyas, retitled A MI PATRIA.

It was about to start when I joined the group. Richard Gappi and Sandra Aguinaldo served as emcees and facilitators. It was only then that I came to know that Sandra is from Angono too. Met Nememiranda, whom we used to call “Neme [with stress on the 2nd letter ‘e’ during college days], and photographer Alex Villaluz. Pres. Benigno Aquino’s sister, Pinky was the guest of honor. She related her wanting to take up Fine Arts but was dissuaded, finally taking up Economics. I was introduced to her by Sara; interestingly, she noticed the evil-eyes pendant that I was wearing. “From Greece?,” she asked. I just nodded. Honestly, I don’t remember whether it really came from Greece or from Turkey. But it definitely came from either one. It was given to me by Tikoy Aguiluz when he visited the place.

Nemiranda Jr. with Pinky Aquino

Projected on the screen was the Q&A I had with Angono students after the screening of A mi last Aug 14; Nemiranda in the foreground listening to the speakers

Neme Miranda Jr., spoke on behalf of the Angono artists and the NCCA. He reminisced on the EDSA Revolution days – which ended up into making the mural on Edsa Revolution, and his meeting several times with President Cory Aquino. Neme heads the Visual Artist’s Committee. NCCA Chairman Felipe de Leon Jr., welcomed the group. He was one of my professors in Humanities. Sara spoke quite briefly. Nino Quartana, Tina Villaluz, Salvador Juban and Regine, some of the other people I met last August 14 in Angono during the showing of A mi were absent. All the activities of the Bayanihan-Angono project were being projected while the event was on-going. I was surprised to see shots from the Q&A I had after the showing of A mi…

Sara Siri Distributes the Catalogue She Edited

I got a copy of the Bayanihan catalogue which I’ll treasure for sure. Who knows? It might create some magic in me — that is sparking my interest back to painting…for sooner or later, I’ll meet a relative who has been prodding me to finish my painting which has been lying for ages in her house in Novaliches. I kept my oil paints with her — to give her hope that I’ll keep my promise.. Ewan!!

The Organizers of Bayanihan and the NCCA officials led by my former Prof. Felipe “Jun” de Leon [3rd from R]

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