The Power of Blogging

August 6, 2012

My first time to see my site’s country stats summary for six months from February ’12!!!

It surprised me, but I am honestly very happy to see a lot of little flags supposedly representing my blog site’s visitors. I really couldn’t believe it. I started blogging with hesitancy. I was just prodded to it. In fact, it took me many months before I finally sat down to heed my friend’s call.

Anyway,  I now look back with a smile. Blogging has become for me — a habit. In so many ways, it has helped me. Primarily, it helped me organize my thoughts and activities better since I used to only scribble them down on pieces of paper, yellow pads, or notebooks. With the systematic and organized way of entering “thoughts” in a journal or logbook manner, I can now easily track down, or rewind my memory for counter checking and collaborating with my blog entries. Memory fails as time goes by. Writing notes and blogging about anything — a thought, a feeling, an activity, eventually become entries to a diary of sort.

In the beginning, I just thought that from my little corner, nobody would bother to read what I am writing — I just write my own thoughts, ideas, and personal activities andyway, so who’d care to read about them. Since I do not know who the readers are neither am I known to them, and what I am writing besides is only of primary interest to me, I concluded that no one would read my blog. That thought set me free, so carefree that I started to write what I believe in. I started posting about what I am doing, what I want to do — even my hopes, fears, and dreams. I did not even bother even if my written English would be good or bad; that my tenses and grammar would be correct or not. I am guided by the thought that English is not my mother tongue anyway. However, I thought that blogging would help me in writing English better. I’ll be able to practice it. That is why I even accepted the WordPress challenge to write — and keep on writing.

In the course of time, I felt “addicted” to write even a line or two. Blogging became my tool to  easily course my thoughts. When the paid media were impossible to reach, and the information fed seemed imbalanced about an issue which became controversial it reached the court, in the case of a commercial feature film that I edited last year, whose media blast against us were just too many, I blogged about my reaction to the issue. Through blogging, our/my side at least was heard, known, and perhaps considered or pondered upon by those who really think. Without the blog, it would have been too one-sided, with a few sympathizers only counting on some third-hand information or accounts. I gave first-hand information by letting out my thoughts, my feelings, and most importantly, the truth. Many reacted, with some picking up my thoughts. The stats then daily zoomed up as puzzles in the heads of those interested in the issue were answered somewhat. Above all else, I felt relieved in venting out — was it anger? anxiety? Maybe both. After all, we put in our very best and spent unpaid overtime and creative effort for something we believed would surely be a milestone.

That’s when I quite realized the power of blogging and bloggers!!!

The country stats now only confirm the breadth or scope of the blog’s reach. In principle, I know of its universality. But still, it overwhelms me to know that my blogsite in this little corner of the world, now runs contrary to what I used to think — that this would just be MY journal, or a simple diary. It isn’t possible I realized especially after seeing all those little flags flying in the stats summary. With this comes a sense of responsibility to fulfill — to be true and sincere in one’s writings. That’s how I feel. I don’t know what or how you feel about it. I am just sure that I’ll be fooling myself if there is no truth and sincerity in what I write.


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