RIZALPABETO Book Launching

July 21, 2012

Elmer Borlongan [Left] and Vim Nadera [R]
Photo Courtesy of Vim

Autographed Page by Elmer and VIm

Last night, I attended the opening of the exhibit and the launching of a highly interesting and beautiful book “RIZALPABETO” – Mga Tula ni Vim Nadera at Dibuho ni Elmer Borlongan sa iPad. It was a cozy affair held in Alpha Village, Quezon City. I am not familiar with the venue so I just joined and went there with Vim, his students [Wika at Lipunan?], and his family as well [had a good talk with Dinah re possible work collaboration]. While waiting for his class to finish, I went to the Office of the UP Dept. of Speech Comm and Theater Arts with the hope of meeting friend Belen [Calingacion]. I met Jannette Pinzon instead. Belen left the office early she told me. Konting chika kay Jannette syempre. She was one of the readers in my A MI PATRIA project – Filipino version. The book’s publisher is CANVAS [Center for Art, New Ventures and Sustainable Development].

Close Up of Vim’s “Dedication”…haha! Sobrang personalized! Ganda!

It was good that the heavy rains poured later in the evening, otherwise, I would not have been able to attend the affair again. Julius Babao, the most familiar face in the crowd [other than Vim of course] was one of the attendees. Attending exhibits must be one of his de-stressing activities, I thought.

I have not attended book launching and art exhibition openings for years now. I actually can’t explain how I feel every time I attend one. But definitely, I feel sad…always sad and nostalgic in fact. Sad, because once upon a time, I used to join painting exhibitions myself organized by the Art Association of the Philippines. I used to paint and draw, until I got involved, and completely immersed myself in film production. There’s no regret for the diversion, or going into the film making path; I found my “mission for being” and definitely happier making advocacy films. It is specifically, using film as my research tool to answer the need for society’s awareness on conditions I focus on, that I discovered to be the right task for me. Because of that, the sense of distance from the activity that I used to love doing became more intense. Nevertheless, I know that one day I’d find myself dabbling colors on canvas again. The hope is still there however remote it may be at this point. SIGH!!!

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