A mi Patria_Rizal for the Deaf, Blind, Students of Rizal and Spanish Language Courses

July 1, 2012

Yes! my film on Rizal — A MI PATRIA / TO MY MOTHERLAND / INANG-BAYAN is meant not only for the Deaf – but for a universal audience even if the film [in digital format] was made primarily for them as titled in the published issue of Manila Bulletin last Monday, June 25, page I-1&2. That’s because of of the spoken language versions in English, Spanish and Filipino.

“A mi Patria,” partly docu, features five of the most important poems
of Dr. Jose Rizal in Filipino Sign Language. It was featured in Manila Bulletin last June 25, 2012

I don’t have a hard copy of the newspaper as I got the information that the article came out –from Vim Nadera on Tuesday, not Monday when it appeared. I’d blame Smart comm for that. I always receive messages hours after they are sent. Not funny to get late replies and important infos for that matter.


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