A mi Patria: Dream Come True

June 30, 2012

In my post “LOLO JOSE” posted sometime in 201o, [click to see: lolo-jose-rizal], I wrote about dreaming of a small project on Dr. Jose Rizal. At that time [March 2010], I never quite knew what I wanted. It was simply something on Rizal, a tribute to him. What I remember was that the idea quite formed only when I thought of writing a proposal to the NCCA. I also remember bringing my notes when we went to show “Alyana” in Rosales, Pangasinan sometime in mid-2010. I jotted my concept and ideas, my aims, rationale for making the film for I was thinking of something which was not meant for me alone. It was meant to benefit the Deaf. Later, I thought of the Blind, eventually students of Rizal and Spanish Courses, and the whole world interested in Rizal’s poems.

Well, looking back, I feel quite triumphant as I managed to realize my dream — A MI PATRIA — armed only with creative and novel ideas, confidence, patience, determination, will power and above all, faith in God that I will be able to finish my film, and “overcome” all hurdles through His help. It is because whenever I start a project, I never really have a budget to finish one in reality; I only know that my idea is doable and with guts and confidence, I also know that God’s grace and help will come  in so many ways and form. When I start, it has to finish, that’s my line of thought. For A mi… “sariling sikap” helped and I know for sure, some God’s plan and design really worked to make my dream for others come true. As such, I am not giving up on making the docu that i started for the Cerebral-Palsied. [I even have a working title for it: “CP KIDS”]. I started it. Sometime in the future — I never know when — it will finish. I worked on Alyana that way. I started never knowing when to finish.

It is just unfortunate that now all my cameras, four of them, are not working anymore. Bumigay na lahat. Moreover, even my editing software has malfunctioned. Now, I am dreaming of a Mac. For the first time, I am dreaming of a Mac because virus attack on my computer really doubled-even tripled the processes for me to be able to move on in my editing of Rizal film. Besides, Final Cut Pro is widely used and since I am not familiar with the software, I take time to edit. Nevertheless, even if one is so good at using all the shortcuts and knows all the configurations, if he/she doesn’t know the proper editing principles, he/she will forever be just a cutter.


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