After the Asiong Salonga Nightmare_EL BRUJO!

May 20, 2012

Shooting of Tikoy’s film…with high hopes that whatever we were not able to do in the making of Manila Kingpin, Asiong Salonga Story — will finally be achieved in this movie. Smaller budget, [tiny and incomparable with Kingpin], but with more dedication and commitment from all involved, including Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca… Tikoy says that they come to the set on time. That’s quite important.

Core group production staff members include the Manila Kingpin-Director’s Cut faction. Pag di pinakialaman talaga, there will be a refreshing film to come- visually and story-wise; somewhat mythical and magical, away from the usual drama romances you see. For sure, tsugi ang OA scenes dito. Just waiting for the transfer of footages…

I pray that STAR lets the star in this film shine.

By the way, JM Productions is not the film producer of El Brujo. Because of the youtube postings of behind the scenes as seen above, they are misconstrued as the film’s production outfit. ABS-CBN is producing it.


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