El Shaddai and DZAS

April 7, 2012

Spent the whole day yesterday alternately tuning in to El Shaddai and DZAS radio stations. The Maundy Thursday program of DZAS was interesting — because of testimonials from people who eventually turned to God and finally found peace in themselves, and harmony in their family — like the infidel husband who luckily have a wife who clinged to God despite his adventures, a former NPA who is now a pastor, Rosa Rosal’s daughter Toni Rose Gayda who got cocaine addicted at one point in her life, but is now spending full time and attention to God and her family after realizing how she was wasting and affecting the lives of her children. I could feel the joy in all of them…at nakakasakay ako sa joy na sinasabi nila dahil at one point ako rin, nagturn back at nagturn around back to Jesus and Mama Mary, specifically to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of Manaoag… it’s an indescribable experience. Cloud 9 sa naha-high siguro sa droga!

Anyhow from Mike Velarde, what I remember was when he asked and explained why is Good Friday good when Jesus was crucified on that day. Ang sabi nya sa ganitong konteksto ay: It is called Good Friday because a good man died to redeem BAD men, para iligtas ang masasamang tao o taong makasalanan. Good Friday becomes sort of a Freedom Day for us…Ganun pagkaintindhi ko sa sinabi nya, tama ba?

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