I Worked with a Deaf Person on “How to Speak Right” Project

March 23, 2012

First Day of Shoot - MM gives instruction to Dennis; Joie Revilleza assigned to Modules 1, 3, 5 and 9 observes, probably amused while watching me sign

Sounds ironic??? Impossible? Well! Indeed I worked again! – with DENNIS BALAN [Deaf] as one of the videographers [the other one is Rem Vocalan, my former student at the UP Film Center] for the UP project that we shot for three days [March 3-5] at UP CAL AVR in Diliman. I previously worked with him in the making of my previous docu films [SILENT O, ULTIMO ADIOS, A MI PATRIA [coming soon!] because I do recognize his ability – capability – professionalism as a talented person. Besides, with him around I always have the chance of practising Filipino Sign Language [FSL]. He was my “first” FSL teacher afterall.


Checking the composition of the frame

Having a Deaf person in a project on how to speak correctly should not be treated as uncommon; it should be something any one in the society should expect and must recognize – having a PWD [person with THISability or someone with a particular ability] should be seen as ordinary as working with any so-called non-PWDs. Because they can work and be at par, sometimes even better  than us. That is what we call INCLUSION! Mainstreaming and welcoming them in our own activities will make this world better for us all. Look beyond their being! Do not be disabled by wrong thinking or stigmas and myths associated with PWDs; do not magnify on what they lack or cannot do because each one of us, in one way or the other, is wanting or lacking in something — which may not necessarily be physical in nature. People without a heart – those with no feelings – no care for other people —  are probably the most “disabled” persons in the world.  That’s my opinion. I do not know your take on this.





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