You must be familiar with Pablo Ocampo St. or Vito Cruz, but who was Pablo Ocampo?

March 20, 2012

DLS-CSB School of Arts and Design Bldg. is located in Pablo Ocampo St., everybody knows that. But do you know who PABLO OCAMPO was? In my research for Rizal monuments and statues for my film project A MI PATRIA, I thought all the while that the statue in front of Rizal Memorial Stadium was Rizal’s. Well, not until I went to look at it closely…

PABLO OCAMPO was a nationalist who was born eight years earlier than Rizal in 1853. He died at the age of 72 in 1925. He was said to be a former “alcalde” of Pasay City in 1871 but it wasn’t stated on the marker which was installed by the National Historical Institute right in front of Rizal Memorial Stadium on the street named after him, formerly and more popularly known as Vito Cruz St. [see below]

Full Shot of the Monument Located at the Street Junction

Pablo Ocampo

Pablo Ocampo

[For more bio info and photo, click Biographical Dictionary of the US Congress]

VIewpoint of Pablo Ocampo, the statue


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