The Facebook Addiction

March 13, 2012

Many friends were prodding me to open an fb account… For long, I wasn’t tempted to have one until some weeks ago when finally, advocacine visyon fb account was born. Unlike some of my friends who got addicted to it, I do not think I’ll fall into that pit. Blogging on wordpress is enough… Jokes on fb addiction abound; below is an example sent to me by my Indian friend Bandhu.

The Facebook Addiction:
Teacher: What will you do after growing up?
Student: Facebooking
Teacher: NO! I mean what will you BECOME?
Student: Admin of Facebook pages
Teacher: OMG! I MEAN what will you ACHIEVE after you grow up?
Student: Facebook Admin Rights
Teacher: IDIOT! I MEAN what will you do for your PARENTS?
Student: I create a page for them on FacebooK. ‘I MOM & DAD’
Teacher: Stupid! What do your parents want from YOU?
Student: My Facebook password!
Student: Facebook but never face your books…
This is called FB Addiction…


One comment

  1. LOL! I like your dialogue between the teacher and the student. That is perfect, and it is very fitting. Young people are addicted to Facebook.

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