Editing of Project “Speak Right” Started Yesterday

March 10, 2012

Editing started yesterday at Bonfire Productions in Q.C. Assembled Modules 1, 3 and 5 — segments of Joie, “the barefoot princess” and Jorelle; concentrating on Modules 1-5 for submission on March 15. A little complicated because of the chroma keying work which is not my forte! Fiona will assist me on that. Took little more time than usual because of Rem’s filing system – renaming caused the delay. Naloka ang Final Cut Pro!  Everytime I use his files, I need to render the clips. Sked to review Alyana tomorrow. For this project on HOW to SPEAK RIGHT, one of my videographers is Deaf! Si Dennis yun, ano say nyo? Yan ang tinatawag na INCLUSION!


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