Video File “Corruptions”

March 8, 2012

How safe are the video cards of digital cams? It confirmed my fear re its use. Last Monday night, as we were about to pack up for the day – our third and last day of shoot for Project Speak Right, we all got quite worried when the video card that we shot with Brian Tibayan until 10pm could not be accessed. It was asking for reformatting. The files got corrupted. We were forced to stop — for one, we couldn’t stay any longer at UP CAL; it was past 10pm. Brian had to leave; Mang Enteng, the caretaker also had to leave. We talked about reshooting the modules believed to have been erased — Module 6 numbering from Shots 36 to 49, and Module 10. Before the card was brought to the UP College of Engineering, I was already surprised however to find in my laptop all the shots for Module 6. Rem, one of the videographers and the one who was using the card must have been confused he forgot the content of his video cards.  We all thought that the files of the two modules were erased. Today, I was informed that all Module 10 takes from shot 7 to 14 couldn’t be retrieved anymore. There is one OK take however from Takes 1-6. If that one take is ok with Belen, then there will be no more reshoot on March 12. I am going to be very busy with my editing starting Friday, March 9 with concentration on Modules 1-5. At the same time, I have to finish my terminal report for submission to NCCA. Deadlines for both fall on March 15. The problem is I need to go to Urdaneta, Pangasinan for the showing of my docu on autism, “Alyana” on March 16. Ay naku!!! Time management ang katapat!!!

Anyway, if corrupted video files needs reformatting, therefore, erasures; corrupt politicians needs what? Can they be “reformatted” to follow Pnoy’s “matuwid na daan?”


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