Moments of Joy because of a Leaf?

February 11, 2012

Yes indeed! A leaf gave me moments of joy.

We always take for granted people, objects, animals, etc. that we ordinarily see in our daily life. So, it struck me to see among the many leaves on the roadside, a leaf used as a drawing paper. A budding artist is around. I do not know who made the drawing but it lightened my heart propelling me to even record it as it reminded me of leaf artists in India who made business using dried leaves as art paper. Below is an example. I bought it when I was studying filmmaking at the FTII in India.
Another of those ordinary, yet for me, extraordinary output that I see on my way home these days that I enjoy looking at, and admire are paintings on an apartment firewall that used to be donned by useless graffitis. Now  the wall is being put into good use. It has become a wall to express the artist’s feelings I guess. I  but never got to see  who the “wall artist” is until the

other night. The guy has been using the wall as his canvas to while his time away; he is a fan of Asiong Salonga his friends say. Ha!Ha! I wish I can introduce him to Gov! But I can’t see that possibility ever after all the happenings re Manila Kingpin’s re-editing. Anyhow, I went to interview the young guy last night (February 10) as I finally chanced upon them [Jang, my inaanak I came to know was his assistant]. The artist’s name is Wendell Lakandula. I’ll probably make a short docu about these simple, young “tambay” guys who spend their time using throwable and unused paints to make religious paintings. But the subject depends on the season they said. For now, since Holy Week is coming, their subject is centered on Christ’s Crucifixion. It is actually the subject matter that I find striking and interesting. I missed taking a snap of their first “mural” that depicted not only Jesus Christ but also the Buddha. They are very young guys, and their interest in something religious doesn’t seem to jibe with their personalities: Jang with punky hair, Wendell with earrings.


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