Asian Spectacles-Featuring the Best of Asian Deaf Films

January 11, 2012

Behind the Scene_Rehearsal_ULTIMO ADIOS with Aldrin Gabriel

Just read this morning the schedule of the Second HongKong International Deaf Film Festival to be held at HongKong Arts Center from February 24-26, 2012. Our entry, MI ULTIMO ADIOS [in Filipino Sign Language]  is sked under Programme I [See below] of the festival.

節目一:亞洲專題 /Programme 1: Asian SpectaclesFeaturing the Best of Asian Deaf Films

日期及時間 /Date & Time: 24/02   8pm
彩色 /Col /DVD /103mins
As the Tribute Film of the 20th International Day of Disabled Persons in China, Love Before Sunrise features the young Chinese Deaf actor Sung Xiubo in a love tragedy.  Mi Último Adiós (in English “My Last Farewell”) is the Signing version of the farewell poem written by Filipino national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal before his sacrifice to the brutal colonial rule.  

愛在日出前 /Love Before Sunrise
中國 /China /2010 /57’02”
普通話對白,中國手語,中文、英文字幕 /In Mandarin & Chinese Sign Language with English & Chinese Subtitles
導演:熊皓 /Director: Xiong Hao

永訣辭 /Mi Último Adiós
菲律賓 /Philippines /2011 /14’31”
菲律賓手語,中文、英文字幕 /Fillipino Sign Language with English & Chinese Subtitles
導演 /Director: Mirana Medina

Music and the Sea, The $10,000 that Did Not Exist and Minority within the Minorities are winners of the Film Competition of the First Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival.  Feeling the vibration of the sound from loudspeakers, a Deaf girl imagines dancing with her cyber-dating boyfriend in Music of the Sea. Two devils want to destroy the trust between a hard-of-hearing couple in The $10,000 that Did Not ExistMinority within the Minorities is a delicate twist between a Deaf girl and a Hearing girl.  In Whispering Hands, the Deaf waitress Glory with supernatural power wants to help a spirit called Carrie.  In Pelita Hati, Deaf guy Kelana visits a village and teaches a Deaf Aboriginal villager Damak the Sign language.

(For the complete list of films, click HKIDFF Schedule)


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