EL PRESIDENTE Shooting Script_Nora Aunor Sequence

January 10, 2012

I earlier mentioned in my previous post about the use of a shooting script in the absence of a storyboard. I luckily found – not in my computer but in my son’s – a copy of what I prepared for El Presidente_Nora Aunor’s sequences. I do not know whether they were shot as planned or not, because we never saw the footage. But just for the benefit of interested film students, this is to give you ideas on how we do it. A shooting script differs from a screenplay in that the former indicates camera movements and other technical matters.

I have noticed that students tend to go to their shoots unprepared. If your shots are planned well before going to the set, your post-production problem, specifically during your editing will be minimized. And what are those problems? Continuity problems most of the time — in everything: costume or wardrobe, physical action, props, camera lighting, etc. Another problem is lack of inserts or cutaways [they are tremendous help in solving continuity problems while editing WHEN provided or available]. Prepare yourself before going to your shoot — whether there is a storyboard or a shooting script at hand, or just bubbles in your head, it is always a MUST to prepare……… Ay naku! Naaalala ko tuloy ang mga klase ko sa UP Film Center!! [Biglang nostalgia!]

Below is an example of what I prepared on August 20, 2011 in place of  storyboard:

  1. I.                   TO RUN OR NOT TO RUN

1)      F.S. EA  and DM in the garden. Maid comes to serve and leaves
EA: Gracias!
2)      2-SHOT / MS.
EA: Ang mga Amerikano…
DM: Sana nga..
3)      OTS. MCS. (in favor of EA): May kutob ako…
4)      OTS. MCS in favor of DM: Paano mo susubukan?
EA [from lalahok… to Subalit…[CAM TRACKS IN TO CU]
6)      CU. DM: Kung iyan..
WIDE. They stand up and walk away holding hands

[To see all 3 sequences,  Click SHOOTING SCRIPT FOR AUG 20 ]

Note: EA – Emilio Aguinaldo; DM – Doña Marcela
Dialogues need not be completely written…unless you have the time.

More editing tips later…


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