What Keeps Me Going

January 3, 2012

Positive responses to the work I have done encourages me to continue my advocacy for the marginalized individuals. This morning, I received this note from the Curator of the Rizal Shrine, Zarah Escueta. ULTIMO ADIOS interpreted by Aldrin Gabriel [Deaf] was officially launched at the Rizal Shrine on December 29, and shown whole day in Fort Santiago on December 30.

The curator noted:

a photo of the couple who watched the Ultimo Adios in FSL last
December 30 at the AVR of Fort Santiago and the note they wrote:

We were deeply impressed by the presentation of the film of “Huling
Paalam”.  Very Touching and full of memories of the greatness of the
last moments of this national hero.  Congratulations to the Commission
and the most of “presentors” of the film.

B.M. Villarias, P.S.

They were from US on a vacation for the the holiday.  They were teary
eyed while talking to me about the film, so touched.


I forwarded the above to Atty. Ramoncita Reyes, a Rizal descendant who was one of our speakers during the film’s launching last December 29, 2011 at the Rizal Shrine. She says:

Congrats! I think when things are done from the heart, it will shine through and touch people.




  1. thanks for posting this. your film moved many hearts giving fair presentation of the last work of a man who gave us honor as Filipinos.

  2. Congratulations! keep up the good work for our countrymen and to God. All the blessings to the advocacy film maker, MS. MIRANA MEDINA!

  3. Thanks for your whole hearted support!!! Four more Rizal films to come…

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