On Asiong Salonga-Director’s Version – Thank You Noel Vera!

December 24, 2011

Thanks Noel Vera for believing in us!!!

Last night, I read the film critic’s article on the issue, which whether I like it or not, involves me [Click to read Asiong Salonga-Director’s Version )

Later, I’ll blog on how it is to edit A Tikoy Aguiluz Film…for the benefit of future Creative film editors, or those who aspire to be — most especially for those who are just Cutters or Technically Competent in running the computers, and all those who just Cut for Cutting Sake! Yung mga Robots lang pag nag eedit. Yung type na Amen nang Amen lang sa prodysusers…Marami yun!!! Para na rin sa mga producers na hindi marunong magbigay respeto sa mga nasa likod ng camera.

Merry Christmas to all!

Btw, sakay ka sa float Tikoy???? O, sa virtual float ka sasakay? O, magfloat ka na lang tulad ni Asiong sa morgue scene… kasi PINATAY, o rather, KINATAY nila film natin? Ha!Ha! Cool ka lang ha? Dami ka pang dapat gawing pelikula..


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