Carlo Mendoza_Serious to his Craft

December 9, 2011

I was looking for more images that I need for my Rizal project when I saw instead my photos with Carlo Mendoza, Manila Kingpin Asiong Salonga cameraman.  The photos below shot by one of the film’s screenplay writer, Rey Ventura were taken during the first three days of shooting in Pagsanjan. I went there to join Rey to discuss the script needs, and help study the structure.

With Carlo and his camera, Alexa at the set of Asiong Salonga 2011 in Pagsanjan, Laguna

I usually do not like to go to sets [at mag usi] but Rey wanted to take some behind the scene photos. So, I went with him and met Carlo. They were setting up for the shoot of Erning’s Birthday sequence, if I remember it correctly. It wasn’t my first meeting with him. It was in the filming of “Dalaw”, a short film by Janus Victoria where I had a bit role that I first met him. Even then, I saw him as an enthusiastic, serious, energetic, young cameraman to watch. That was before Rosario was shot. In one of the shooting breaks of Asiong when we had breakfast together, we talked about his learning experiences in working with Tikoy, a super-serious, creative film Director I have worked with for years; a man with lots of visions and beautiful dreams for Philippine cinema that included the founding of the UP Film Center which he co-founded with Aling Barang [Virginia R. Moreno], another visionary for film’s upliftment into art. As everyone knows, Tikoy also founded the CineManila International Film Festival.

Rey Ventura, by the way is a documentary filmmaker and a journalist by profession based in Japan. He also teaches there.

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