December 6, 2011

Today, I concentrated on giving order to my pile of receipts collected while shooting the rest of the poems for Project Rizal – A mi Patria. I checked on what I lack, and found that some receipts issued by some companies are now useless. The data are gone. I didn’t have the time then to zerox or scan them. Some are luckily still a little readable when zeroxed. It is my obligation to remit all the receipts to NCCA – the most boring activity in making this film! I never liked seeing numbers. Much more, jotting and checking them one by one to double check the accuracy. It’s good I had training in making indexes for my brother, so I can keep my patience intact – to a point. Once really bored, I leave or set the work aside. I go back to my remaining materials – for the Spanish version. Only the Silent Steps parts are lacking now…


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