Inang-Bayan [A mi Patria]_Filipino Version Edited

December 5, 2011

Except for the OBB, all five poems for the Filipino version of A mi Patria, to be titled INANG-BAYAN, are ready for music and effects layin. The title was suggested by Vim Nadera, Project Consultant. The Filipino version readers are: Dok Apo Chua [Sa Filipinas], Roselle Pineda [Sa Kabataang Filipino], Jannette Pinzon [Ang Awit ni Maria Clara], Marot Flores [Sa Mga Bulaklak ng Heidelberg], and Vim Nadera [Huling Paalam]. Translations in Filipino by Mr. Virgilio Almario of Sa Filipinas, Sa Kabataang Filipino and Sa Mga Bulaklak ng Heidelberg were read;  while the translation of Guillermo Tolentino was used for Ang Awit ni Maria Clara. Vim read the Andres Bonifacio version of Ultimo Adios.

I have finished editing the Filipino version yesterday. Today, I’ll concentrate on the English version of A mi… I moved the schedule of Bert de Santos to premix the effects for the FSL version.

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