Sound as Important as Picture

December 3, 2011

That is my belief! I give  equal importance to sound vis a vis pictures in filmmaking. Of course, to my Deaf friends, sound means nothing! But in the film that I am doing for them — A mi Patria — sound is yes, very important. I am a hearing person so it is honestly difficult for me to appreciate moving pictures only. Yesterday, Bert de Santos, sound designer continued to work on the layin and pre-mixing of effects. We are waiting for the music, another very important and essential component of Project Rizal. In making a “Deaf film” effects and music are crucially important. Without them, my films won’t have the spirit that I need. Or, what the hearing viewers would need. The film A mi..is meant for the Deaf but with the Blind and hearing viewers in my mind as target audience as well, sound should be there. Otherwise, it would really be incomplete and won’t touch even the most sensitive of the hearing viewers. I want them to appreciate Filipino Sign Language; learn it if they could. Because that would make the gap between the Deaf and the hearing closer. Until one day, they would find themselves at one with the Deaf. At home in the Deaf world


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