CBR Meet Session – Working with Media

November 30, 2011

Got over with my assignment to talk about Documentary Filmmaking as an Effective Advocacy Tool for Promoting the Rights of PWDs using powerpoint! Problem was I had more slides and video clips that they could not fit within the 15-min limit. So, I had to skip slides in the latter part of the presentation. Sayang! Penny of UP Camp facilitated with Mr. Deepak of India. Deaf friends came over — Weng, Rey, Raphy with Jun and Febe as interpreters. Later met unexpectedly Analou Suan of Dumaguete GPRehab Center. Also came to know Ms Sheena of India who knows [Ish] Kapoorji, We Care Filmfest Director. The CBR meet being held at Sofitel Hotel will be until tomorrow, December 1. It will be capped on December 2 by the International Disability Day Celebrations at SM Moa [For photos, click walk-for-rights-of-persons-with.html from a report by Deaf-e-news.] With this done, I’ll be able to fully concentrate now on Project Rizal: A mi Patria – the translation of five poems of our National Hero Dr Jose Rizal to serve primarily the interests of the Deaf and the Blind. All-Deaf performers interpreted Rizal’s poems; Poem readers were UP KAL Professors [except for two].


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