Sa Mga Bulaklak ng Heidelberg_Filipino Version

November 26, 2011

Am sked to work on the Filipino-Filipino Sign Language [FSL] version [composite] of “Sa Mga Bulaklak ng Heidelberg” originally written by Dr. Jose Rizal. It was read by Marot Flores of U.P. KAL, and interpreted in FSL by Romalito Mallari [Deaf]. I have edited Marot’s part a month ago but today I’ll be combining it with FSL version. Again, I am expecting the problem of timing to be there. There are parts where they can “sync” or timing will be the same; but there are parts where I need to hold one or the other because either one is shorter, or longer. I have finished the composite work on the Filipino-FSL version of “Huling Paalam” translated from Spanish into Filipino by Andres Bonifacio, read by Vim Nadera and interpreted by Aldrin Gabriel. [For the copy of Huling Paalam, here’s the link: huling-pahimakas_binasa-ni-vim-nadera]


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