Moving of Rizal Film Show Dates_FSL Version and A mi… Like Playing Chess

November 25, 2011

These days, it is quite common to expect the movement of show dates from one target date to another – due to reasons or factors that affect the original target dates. For ex., we wanted A mi Patria_FSL version to show during the November CSB Deaf Fest sometime in November 18, but due to unavailability of a bigger space, it was postposed supposedly to show in time for the celebration of the International Disability Day on December 3. But SDEAS wanted it to be held between Dec 10 to 14. The problem is the activity ban and the bad timing to show the film since Christmas season is coming and exams are nearing. So, now I’d safely say that SDEAS will screen it between January to June. Ha! Ha!

I also wanted all versions of A mi shown during the  U.P. KAL week (mid December I think) but gauging on the production time of them all – I knew as early as November that I won’t be able to finish the work. Following that trend, Ultimo Adios was proposed to NHCP to be shown on December 30, Rizal Day but having greatly considered that attendees would be quite busy on December 30, it was proposed to be held instead on December 29. Oh well, not bad! Rizal could not have written Ultimo Adios anyway on December 30. It could have been on the 29th, although some said it must have been after Rizal’s death verdict rather than on the 29th.


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