Ultimo Adios in FSL to Show in Fort Santiago???

November 20, 2011

I do hope so! That our film, Mi Ultimo Adios shows at the place where Dr. Jose Rizal wrote it as tomorrow I am going to meet with the curator of the Rizal Shrine at Fort Santiago, Ms.  Zarah Escueta. I first met her before shooting Ultimo Adios in FSL at the Fort in May 2011; I met her again during the NHCP meeting last Friday, November 11 before my presentation of the film that was largely shot in Fort Santiago. We are going to discuss about the possible showing of the film on December 30 itself, Rizal Day, the most appropriate day for screening Ultimo Adios. Besides, the significance of the film maybe considered — as we can claim that our translation in sign language is the latest, if not, one of the latest translation / interpretation, or the first visual translation of Rizal’s best known poem.

Today? Well, I’ll most probably work on inserting more images for A mi Patria’s intro [the collection of five poems that include Mi Ultimo Adios]. I shall layin and study the music scored by JM Diego as we are going to have a session tomorrow night to finalize the music with Roselle Pineda.


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