A mi Patria_The FIve-in-One Film

November 9, 2011

A mi Patria – the collection of Rizal’s poems interpreted in Filipino Sign Language, has become my collection of poetry in film form, with duration ranging from 14.31 [Ultimo Adios] down to 4 mins [Canto de Maria Clara]. As there are five poems currently being threaded to become one, I have called it THE-FIVE-IN-ONE FILM. Parang coffee na 3-in-1. Ha!Ha!

A working copy has been given to sound engineer Bert de Santos, and JM Diego, musician who’ll be working with Roselle Pineda on the film scoring—they were the same duo who scored Ultimo Adios. I also have my own working copy as I am still adding and researching for the images that I need. I have also started to get anxious or worried because my files I think are being attacked by virus now. I had to repeat A Las Flores de Heidelberg yesterday because Mac’s direct output to avi became corrupted. Really odd!! Because it was ok while I was working on it but truly disheartening when the output turned out thrashy. They pixellated no end!! Lucky that I have asked Fiona to give me a Quicktime .mov file copy with higher rate for conversion to avi on Premiere, for safety. And, I was right! Now, even Fiona who did the chroma work is anxious because I will have to use lower res files. It’s because of that, I think that she had offered to do the master over their place, free of charge.. Ang bait!

Film’s total length is 50mins with credits. It may shorten depending on the credit list that I have asked my collaborators to give me.


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