La Paloma Lyrics by El Rey

October 31, 2011

I’ll look for the original copy of Rey[nald] Ventura’s lyrics that he wrote for the film Kingpin Asiong [for short]. And compare it with the final rendition of Ely Buendia… He gave me one when he planed in from Japan to write the rest of the screenplay for the sequences Roi Iglesias did not complete. Roi submitted only one-liners for some major sequences. Tikoy waited long for him to finish the script. A screenwriter was needed very badly then. Rey came over to help Tikoy solve the problem.

Rey deserves to be credited if La Paloma’s thought, idea, and lyrics were taken from his original creation. Not that Ely is claiming it. He is not. He arranged the music composition, and sang it beautifully. That’s what he did. But Rey originally wrote lyrics for the La Paloma song I remember now. If his lyrics were used, Rey should be recognized. Credit should be given to the one who deserves it. As Rey said, para fair. Will get back to this when I find the copy Rey gave me…Abangan!


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  1. Salamat po, Ate Mirans. Two lines were changed but basically, it’s my lyrics. See you 11 Nov. Dala ko ang digicam. Good luck sa projects mo. El Rey

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