I’m not a Tek.kie!

October 30, 2011

Finally readied all the materials for Rizal’s To the Flowers of Heidelberg! That includes the photos that I’ll use for the chroma work. Have also done with the intro photos — all in black in white. By now, I know the length more or less of each poem. Ultimo Adios is still the longest at 14.31 mins.

The narration for the film intro in Filipino version is yet to be revised. I’ll only be able to attend to its editing by next week. My concentration and target is to finish all five poems by tomorrow. Chroma work edit will be done at Bonfire. Someone else has to do it. Hopefully, Fiona or Yuka gets to do it. I have no aptitude for doing effects, graphics or 3D work. I always leave that to others. I know my limit as an editor… afterall, filmmaking as I’ve always believed is a collaborative work. I collaborate with others to do what I can’t do. And I am honest to say that I am not a tech.ie / tek.kie!

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