A Day at Bonfire

October 27, 2011

I spent my day yesterday at Bonfire Production being managed by Fiona Borres and friends, to assemble and rough edit my footages of Flowers of Heidelberg interpreted by Rome Mallari in Filipino Sign Language. Shot in HD format, I am disabled because of not owning a Mac! I am not complaining though. Para lang…he!he! Met Fiona during her Roadrunner days, so meeting her again was like being in the corridor of Roadrunner doing chika during editing breaks. I edited some of Tikoy’s films there…Tatarin, Biyaheng Langit…Dukot Queen starred in by Sunshine Cruz. We started working on a few reels of the latter but it was later totally shelved off. How it got to the market became a hot issue that time…

Now am back to my PC, and rendering the pre-edited copy. Am sked to search for photos of places in Heidelberg frequented by Rizal that I will use as background for the chroma work. I will take the longest time in doing this 4-minute film. Hmmm!


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