Intro to Canto de Maria Clara_FSL Version

October 24, 2011

I am sked to work on the intro to Awit ni Maria Clara_Filipino Sign Language version. We got hold of Elena, a member of the Silent Steps to do some extra acting for us which I did last October 20 at SDEAS. Lack of time in Calamba, Laguna the day we shot it with Jorelle Faytaren [as Maria Clara] produced lack of materials to use.

It’s good that we have facsimile copies of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo [1975 editions]. That’s the advantage of having the book legacy of my brother Gani [Isagani Medina]. Let’s see!!! What I shot should work.

Tomorrow, I will push through with the rough cutting of “To the Flowers of Heidelberg” interpreted by Romalito Mallari. This is taking me a lot of time because I have no Mac. I have to go to an editing studio. It was shot in HD format and my PC is not capable of doing it “fatafat!” It will take ages before I can convert them to avi. So, I have decided to just look for an editing studio, sort and cut them dere-derecho. All studios have Mac. Luckily, I had two months “training” in the use of FCP because of Kingpin Asiong. And also some friends from Roadrunner who are now running their own editing studio are around. So, I’ll meet Fiona to work in their place. I have always believe that I am guided from the time I made Alyana. To think about it, sometime early this year, I went to the building where Fiona’s office is located without knowing that they are holding their office there. I actually went to the camera rental studio next to their room to borrow a camera to make my AVP for Metro Manila College. It was really a surprise to meet Liza and Fiona there. Liza assisted me in making Biyaheng Langit. The two used to run after CineManila film showings…


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