On Venting Out ANGER

October 22, 2011

I actually pushed through with the shoot last Thursday after shouting out my “anger.” Nang mahimas himasan, one of my guiding sayings that: “It is not what is happening to us that is the problem. It is your [our] reaction to the happening that is the problem,” I started to cool off and think. Coordination is one of my biggest problems when shooting and cancellation would I thought really “disturb” my plans and future sked, so I looked for another person to shoot for me – Dennis, a super responsible Deaf person – the reason why he deserved the Go Negosyo Entrepreneurship Award I guess. But of course, the lost of time, of more than 3 hours in fact, did give me a problem as a result. I did not reach my usual target of shooting nearly everything that I  have in my shotlist. I shot a few, but nevertheless important elements that I need for the film. So be it! I have ways, other ways of solving production problems. My point is that irresponsibility really causes harm to others… and it did harm me some way. But — past is past. It tested me once more anyhow, of mainly how to cope up with anger. Some says that VENTING ANGER MAY DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD [click to read on Angerbut shouting out is really one of my “techniques” to vent out anger. I luckily do not belong to those people listed in the fore-mentioned article.

Sometimes one can’t avoid to be like a pressure cooker. Anything negative, and not good for health should be out of our system. Afterall, I am not a retaliatory person. Now I can laugh. And I just laughed in fact at Oliver who is used to sleeping on top of the computer. Our white and loveable cat must have really dozed off to sleep, dreamed. He rolled over, and fell right down on the keyboard that I am using! Ha!Ha!


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