Poetry in Sign Language

October 19, 2011

We are sked to shoot the remnant shots for Project Rizal tomorrow. I need a lot of shots for the introduction. The showing is nearing and we are running out time. My tasks are overlapping these days. Good that my editing work on Kingpin Asiongwas over! It is not that easy to work on Project Rizal. Sign language is totally different from the spoken language, and what I am trying to do has made me realize that direct interpreting is completely different from expressive interpretations in signs. The nature of sign language has dictated it to be so. As such, I can already see a big difference in the usual film presentations using only spoken languages. Sign language poetry has taught me new ways of presenting what would normally be just an ordinary piece of work. I feel challenged. But I am confident that I can do what I envisioned to do, and on time.

Today, I have fixed and coordinated with a lot of people involved in the project — with Vim and Therese, our consultants; with Rem re the shoot tomorrow; with Janus re the script; with George re the voice over; with Fiona re edit  with them next week on FCP;  with Myra re music for the live performance of Ultimo Adios; with Febe and Raphy re the need for Deaf students for the intro segment; with Rex re the Ultimo cure or reshoot; with Dok Apo re Sa Filipinas; with Yuka re the chroma edit; with Arlene re project update… including research work for Rizal images on the internet, places where there could be Rizal streets and monuments, preparation of the facsimile of Noli and Fili from my brother’s library, etc. etc. Above all, I have finished editing the FSL and English version of The Philippine Youth sans captions.


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