Kingpin Asiong Finished at Last!

October 9, 2011

The editing of the international version of Kingpin Asiong by Tikoy Aguiluz was finally finished yesterday, October 8, day of the Queen of the Holy Rosary…Tikoy sat with us [Yuka and I] and gave his nod after we viewed and decided together the final, final cut. We were quite happy we finally arrived at it. A local version [about 30-min longer in length than the international

version] is still to be finalized. Nevertheless, it was just where we lifted the shorter version of the cut. It is actually the producer’s cut — one you may call an unabridged film version with all the sequences added by the producer, or those which were not in the working script but have been added or later wanted by the producer to be in. I hope the news or rumor that Kingpin would finally be considered among the Metro-Manila filmfest entries come December is true.

Now, I will have full time to spend for my Project Rizal, a small yet demanding work.


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