UPLB Take Two!

October 7, 2011

I went to UP Los Banos in Laguna this morning with Ien of ASP to show Alyana…for the second time [first was in 2007]. I saw old and new faces. Children with autism then, had grown up. Amazingly, Ian Lopez remembered me.

Inside the D.L. Umali Auditorium, UPLB

It was like the film’s premiere day. The 800-capacity auditorium was full!! At first, I reacted upon seeing the small improvised screen used. [My fault I should say. I was thinking of an ordinary hall when I was asked about it.] But it turned out to be very advantageous afterall because serious viewers really focused on the film — it was like watching on a big TV. The projection was excellent and the sound good. All my interviewees would be happy to see themselves on screen. Riza Cansanay, ASP Laguna Chapter President gave a touching welcome remarks. The reactions, as usual were positive…I had photo sessions with some students — for fb purposes, maybe.

I haven’t really recovered from getting proper sleep because of the series of shooting and editing works alternating each other. Added was the screening of Alyana today. A few minutes from now, I’ll be off to the studio to meet Tikoy and Yuka to do the international version of his film Kingpin Asiong, incidentally starring the Governor of Laguna, Jeorge Estregan. Another overnight work sked. I last met Gov at the hospital where he was then confined about a couple of weeks ago. He called me to insert some shots that he wanted to be in the local version of the film. Maylyn was already there when I reached Cardinal Santos Hospital. I had to leave them as soon as we finished because I had a pre production meeting with my Project Rizal’s Deaf consultant in preparation for the shooting that we held then in Calamba, Laguna.


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