A FILIPINAS_FSL Version in the Evolutionary Process of Being

October 3, 2011

It is 4 a.m. I am currently converting the video files of Dr. Jose Rizal’s A FILIPINAS_Filipino Sign Language version from .mov to avi. For those without a Mac that’s how we do it. It is a longer process but it can’t be helped. Yesterday, I worked on Rem Vocalan’s footage. Right now, I am working on what Dennis Balan, our Deaf videographer, shot. I am halfway through already with my rough cut and will just insert the footage of Dennis. Have some problem with his shots at the Rizal Plaza Park in Calamba. I perceived quite a lot of video noise although we used available light and it was quite strong at the time. Fortunately, that problem wasn’t there when we shot at the Rizal Shrine. We did not have a monitor — that’s one of the indie with no budget encounters. Even that is a luxury we can’t enjoy. There are other problems but I have found ways of solving the editorial problem. You just have to study and scrutinize the shots to serve one’s needs.

Aldrin Gabriel acted for us the second time. The original person Myra and Raphy wanted wasn’t available. I take that as a blessing in disguise though. Aldrin works professionally and I saw that he quite enjoyed his role as Rizal. He was more comfortable with us. Instead of working as our production assistant, he interpreted A FILIPINAS / TO THE PHILIPPINES addressed to Philippine artists. It is not as popular as the other poems but with this interpretation, I know it shall help in putting it in the reader’s or viewer’s minds.

I should be over with my assembly and first cut tonight.

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