Shooting with Spanish Professors for Project Rizal

October 1, 2011

My shoot with the Spanish Professors for Project Rizal was held yesterday at the UP Film Center. We had to move from the Editing Room — improvised shooting venue — to the Main Theater [was good Amigo was sked at 5 pm!]. Since it is not acoustically treated, we had so much problems with the ambient sounds, as trucks and jeepneys passing, chirping birds, and hooting motorbikes…

Those who participated were professors BELEN TANGCO from UST [A Filipinas], WYSTAN DE LA PENA [Ultimo Adios], ANNA MARIE YGLOPAZ [Canto de Maria Clara] and FERNANDO RAMOS [A La Juventud Filipina] from the UP Dept. of European Languages. When Prof Wystan texted me that one Spaniard would join, I thought it was Amy because of her surname. To me it sounded so foreign. The name Ramos is very common. In fact, it is my maternal name. It  was Fernando who turned out to be the foreigner..We met each other for the first time. Text mates ko lang lahat sila, including Prof. Wystan. Ha!Ha!

Dok Apolonio Chua who was scheduled at 3 pm read A Filipinas in Filipino and English. Ang galing ni Dok! He was not available when I held the shooting session with other UP KAL Professors Vim Nadera, Belen Calingacion, Marot Flores and Jannette Pinzon. Since Rem Vocalan, my camera person was actually having flu while we were shooting, I could not pull him to go to Luneta to shoot the remnant shots for the Deaf interpretation of A La Juventud Filipina interpreted by Mark Gaspar.

This morning, I’ll be off to U.P. to show Ultimo Adiós. I actually haven’t finished preparing the order of Therese…so, I’ll sign off for now.


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