Shooting the Spanish Version for Project Rizal

September 25, 2011

Am getting ready for the shoot this coming Friday, September 30—supposedly my last. I doubt it though since I can foresee some remnants shooting to be done. That’s the price of not being fully ready. But I can’t help it because overnight work on Asiong Salonga unavoidably took the time allotted for studying my thumbnail sketches and/or my shooting script.

I am sked to shoot the Spanish version of Rizal’s poems to be read by the group led by Prof. Wystan de la Peña of the UP Dept. of European Languages.. Dok Apo Chua will also be in the last batch to do the poem reading of Sa Filipinas/To the Philippines. Fort this, I have yet to coordinate with the members of the Silent Steps because my idea is that the Spanish version shall be the real showcase of their talents. They will take center stage.


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