More on Oliver the Cat

September 24, 2011

We thought we lost Oliver, the white cat with yellow eyes. That cat just appeared in our house from nowhere. When it “disappeared” about a few days back, we all felt really bad. In a short time, the cat made his presence felt for being makulit and malambing. It has weird ways of sleeping on top of the computer when we are working, and jumping at our lap or tummy asking to be cuddled. When it suddenly appeared again, we were surprised. All windows were closed, no cat’s meow heard and lo! I saw it sitting outside my room looking very sad. I knew it was sick. Oliver must be having fever, his temp was high. I picked him up and bragged about his return. But he didn’t want to be cuddled. He wanted to be put down. I saw him walking towards my room again and when later I looked for him, and called for him, again, he was nowhere to be found. There wasn’t the usual meow that answered to the call. He was quiet. The cat must have been so ill, it could not even create little sound. Manang found Oliver sleeping on the books in a shelf just outside my door. At least, as from today, Oliver seemed well, wagging his tail a little, responding to the call. He started to sit on our lap, and allowed us to cuddle him. He became thin in a few days. Again, as I have previously written, I felt Oliver saved me from sickness that could have nailed me to the bed. Otherwise, I would not have enjoyed my day today with Wic and Mic, and I would not have able to shoot in Calamba, Laguna yesterday the A Filipinas and Canto de Maria Clara version in Filipino Sign Language.


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