Do you believe that animals can take away our maladies?

September 22, 2011

It’s nearly midnight, and I am still working on the paper requirements, readying of costumes and other things that we need in a few hours. Our assembly time is 4 a.m. This is one of the rare times that I feel I am not that ready for the shoot. Before noon time I was surprised to get a call from Gov. Jeorge Estregan. He wanted a few more shots inserted to the footages of Kingpin Asiong that were about to be brought to Thailand for grading. He asked me to go to the hospital. The last time I saw him was when he joined us while finalizing the edit. He sounded unwell by then. He was coughing a lot. Actually, I also started coughing after a few hours when he came in. In my thought, I have caught his virus. Ha!Ha! He said that he would proceed to the hospital from the studio. And he actually did. I too wasn’t feeling well during that session. I had bad diarrhea, then cough when Gov was around, and runny nose when I reached home. I couldn’t eat properly. I felt I was going to have flu. I was knocked down when I reached home. If my cel got drained, I too got drained. I did not know that I was being asked to go back to the editing room to join Tikoy at 3am. I would not have been able to anyway. Well, it was because I had no sleep at all working straight overnight the day before. Several overnights took a toll on me on the supposedly last day of editing Asiong – the producer’s version. Tried to take a nap but I couldn’t. I failed to attend my meeting with the Deaf set on that day.

When we met Gov, he said he still has fever. He is overworked. Being sick must be the only time we think that we are just human. We have to take rest. I am a little superstitious and I would like to believe that our cat Oliver saved or took away my sickness. The next morning, I was feeling a little better. But the cat’s temperature was high, and he was coughing. That wasn’t the first time it happened. It happened to my son who went home from work feeling ill. In the morning, I saw the cat sitting right on his head. I carefully removed the cat and I felt that the high temperature from my son seemed to have transferred to the cat. That day, my son’s ok…When my father was alive, he was hospitalized because of asthma. At night, I thought I heard my father coughing. When I checked it, it was his dog that was coughing and sounding very much like him. I thought my father would become better. True enough, he became well from that day and was released sooner that we thought of. Whether you believe this or not, all these happened to me. And I think I will cling on to that belief for long.


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