Last Moments_Ormoc City

September 19, 2011

I am leaving in a few minutes this city. After breakfast, naglamierda ako sandali. Unfortunately, my camera’s battery got drained after shooting a lot of shots in Lake Danao. [will post the photos later]. I did not bring my charger here. Anyhow, I just used my celfone to take shots of the port, the St. Peter and Paul’s Church, the monument of Rizal opposite the church located in Aviles St. and went to see the exhibit on Padre Pio de Pietrocina whose feastday I know will be celebrated on the 23rd of September. I also took shots of Puente de Reina, an old bridge near the church which must have been built during the Spanish period.  The small mossy bridge’s presence in the midst of the city looks incongruent to the place, especially so when I saw pink lotuses growing in the waters under it. It  looks more like a pond.

ASP-Ormoc City Chapter with the Citizen’s Welfare Unit of DSWD plans to show Alyana again in December but this time to the whole community. They actually pointed to me the place where they intend to show it — the Superdome!


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