Waiting to screen Alyana at Ormoc City Hall

September 18, 2011

It is 11.45 a.m. Am now at IAL Lodge in Ormoc City in the Visayas, Rm 206 waiting for Dang Koe, National Chairman Emeritus of Autism Society Philippines to finish her task of giving her talk on autism to a select audience of about 40 people, mostly teachers and parents of pwa’s in this city. We arrived here from Tacloban City at nearly 8 a.m. andmet at the Lodge by Kary from the PWD office of the Mayor. The hotel is located beside the public transport terminal and the Port of Ormoc.

After breakfast, we were toured a little around the city. Dang’s lecture started at 9 am. I am scheduled at 2 p.m. Met nice people and Roger, a Deaf member of the organizing group. He led the invocation before Dang was introduced. They later told us of their plan to resked Alyana at the Superdome in December in celebration of the Family Day. The people are quite nice and hospitable. I easily felt at home with them like in Tacloban yesterday….


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