On the Unspoken Language

September 10, 2011

I read the article of Sam Marcelo, The Unspoken Language about the Filipino Sign Language, Signed Exact English and the American Sign Languages — all tackled in my docu, Silent Odyssey. It is my personal belief that there is no such thing as “unspoken language.” Even the Deaf’s language or the sign language is “spoken” — the only difference being the fact that the fingers and the hands talk. Since there is communication in the process, therefore, exchange between two individuals, or more exist. When one communicates and it is understood by the other person, the language— in whatever form, works. Syllable sounds need not be there to be able to communicate. The language functions as it is. When one knows or learns how to sign, it will be more comprehensible for him to understand this. I am not really good at signing but the fact that the simple signs that I know are understood by the Deaf is good enough for me to really enjoy and not regretted learning it. To learn sign language is quite enjoyable. You may learn any of the three popular sign languages here in the Philippines…but I am lucky to have landed at DLS-CSB School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies to learn Filipino Sign Language [FSL], the language of Deaf Filipinos. I continue to use it as I continue to work with them using FSL.


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